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PT 45

10km - Grade 3

Housesteads Fort Car Park
DIRECTIONS:Junction 43 off the M6 motorway, head east towards Newcastle on the A69. Go past Brampton and keep heading on the A69 towards Haltwhistle, and about 7 miles after Brampton you will see a left turn onto the B6328. At the T-junction turn right, continue along a straight road until you reach Housesteads Fort (Vercovicium Roman Fort) again in about 7 miles.

CAR & COACH PARKING:There is a large car park at the Fort. The walk starts from the car park.  Parking charges apply.
There is a limited (seasonal) bus service available (route AD122) from Newcastle upon Tyne or Carlisle.
TERRAIN:Moorland and woods. There are some steep climbs – both up and down and some areas may be boggy. Extra care is needed in wet weather on the steep inclines
GEOCACHING:    The route has six geocaches on or near the route.
REFRESHMENTS:In the visitor centre at the start there is a drinks machine and prepared sandwiches/snacks. Warm drinks are also available at the Museum.
At the start.
Grade 3
1.00 per walker (Cheques payable to: Lincolnshire Vikings Walking Club)
Cloth Badge at 2.00
CONTACT: Pat Charlton, 262 Wolsey Way, Lincoln, LN2 4ST Email: vov.lvwc@gmail.com
This walk takes you past Housesteads Roman Fort (there is an admission fee should you wish to explore the Fort in detail, English Heritage and National Trust Members free admission.) and along Hadrian’s Wall and then goes through the Wall to the north side where you will experience the Wall from the invading barbarian’s viewpoint. You return to the Wall and pass through one of the Gateways before heading back to Housesteads Fort.

10 September 2015 (Please check you are using the latest version if you printed this off a while ago).


Walk towards the Visitor Centre where you will find toilets and refreshments during opening hours.  Pass through the Visitor Centre (no payment is necessary unless you wish to visit the fort)  then through the kissing gate to join a wide pathway.

When the Visitor Centre is closed look for a wooden gate in the wall of the car park just before the buildings.   Go through this Turn Left and follow the buildings to the kissing gate

Follow this path uphill to the Museum.

Continue walking uphill keeping close to the wall of the fort on your right until you reach a gate at the top. Go through the gate and Turn Right then immediately Left up onto the Wall.

Question 1: How far is it to Sewingshields? (See finger post just before you turn left.)

(This is the only bit of the Wall that you are allowed to walk on.) Continue ahead through the trees until you reach the wooden barrier. DO NOT continue on the Wall any further but climb down to go through a gate. Go Straight On following the track at the side of the Wall, keeping the Wall on your right at all times. You will pass Milecastle no. 37 (unmarked)

This is one of the best preserved, and possibly the most important on the Wall. Excavated by John Clayton in 1853, note the start of an archway over the north gate, from which the experts were able to extrapolate the height of the arch and from this the height of the milecastle.  You can also see holes in the floor by the southern entrance – possibly for the wooden door.

Continuing Straight On as the track climbs up and down you will eventually come to Hotbank Farm owned by the National Trust and built by the site of Milecastle 38 (which the Hadrian’s Wall National Path now circumvents to avoid further damage to the site.)  Go through the kissing gate then Turn Right to climb the stile into the farm.

Follow the direction of the yellow arrow way marker to the next gate.  Go through the gate and follow the track to another gate, passing a yellow way marker in the middle of the field. Through the gate and Straight On (ignore Public Footpath finger post pointing to the left).

Question 2 : What crop is mentioned on the sign next to the stile at the side of this finger post?

On reaching the next yellow way marker in the middle of the field Turn Right heading towards the way marker post you can see on the horizon.
(From this point onwards until you rejoin the Wall take time to look to your right at the view of Hadrian’s Wall as seen by invaders. Would you like to have been in their shoes?)

At way marker go Straight On in the direction of the yellow arrow.

When you reach the next way marker continue Straight On. At this point on your left you will notice a stone structure, the remains of a limekiln.
The demand for lime to improve agriculture in Britain rose rapidly in the eighteenth and into the nineteenth century. In areas where limestone was found there developed a local industry with field kilns supplying the surrounding area within a few miles carting distance. In Northumberland there also developed a coastal trade with ships carrying burned lime to a range of destinations from larger banks of kilns situated at suitable harbours. With the coming of the railways many of the earlier kilns were closed down as it became economic to produce lime at large commercial units which supplied whole regions.

Pass the kilns and head for the gateway and the next yellow marker.

Go over the stile and continue Straight On, ignoring the left path indicator.

Go through gate into the woods and follow the track leading off slightly to the right (same direction as yellow arrow).

Emerge from the woods through another gate to enter a field. Straight On following the main track towards a gate/gap in the Wall on the horizon. Go over the stile.

Turn Right and follow the track at the side of the Wall.

Go over stile into woods and continue Straight On. At the end of the woods Turn Left, climbing over the Wall, and continue down the hill following track with Wall on your right.

At Knag Burn Gate go through the kissing gate in the Wall.

Question 3: How many Guard Rooms were there at this passageway? (see information board)

Turn Left following the track uphill with the Wall now on your left. At the point you are passing behind the Fort. At the end of the track climb up the steps and go through the gate.

Make your way back to the car park passing the Fort on your left and the Museum on your right.

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