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PT 166

5km & 11km


START VENUE: South Common, South Park, Off Canwick Road, Lincoln LN5 8EN. Map Ref SK 979699
Free at Start
PUBLIC TRANSPORT: 5km Route within 2km. 

Urban areas, common land and riverside paths

TERRAIN 11km: Urban areas, common land, footpaths (part on the Viking Way) and riverside paths
GEOCACHING:  The 5km route has five geocaches on or near the route, two of which are part of a series of eleven scattered round the common
REFRESHMENTS: 5km none on route.  11km available on route
5km none on route. 11km available in town.
5km and 11km (or combine to make 16km)
5km Grade 1.  11km Grade 2
£1.00 per walker (Cheques payable to: Lincolnshire Vikings Walking Club)
Cloth Badge at £2.00
CONTACT: Pat Charlton, 262 Wolsey Way, Lincoln, LN2 4ST Email:  

Combine the 11km Route:
You can combine the 11km walk route with PT 92: Lincoln Tourist Walk at the “High Bridge” (2).

ROUTE DESCRIPTION UPDATED/CHECKED: 25 September 2016 (web update 1/12/16). 11km route updated due to road works and relocation of bus station.   These road works will cause disruption in the area around the railway station and bus station for the next 18 months.  (Please check you are using the latest version if you printed this off a while ago) 


This route has five geocaches on or near the route, two of which are part of a series of eleven scattered around the common.

Enter the South Common at the Notice board (just off Centre) with the Viking Way sign on the City of Lincoln sign – opposite East Holme Nursing Home. After 40m turn right and follow the lower of the mown grassy paths westward for 750m (you can take any of the paths but you must follow the tree line on your right) until you see the wire fence around the allotments, go ahead keeping this on your right to turn right through the gate and over the bridge.

Question 1: What is marked at Number 5 on the map?   

Cross the grassy common heading slightly left towards the traffic lights and then cross the road at the first set and halfway at the second. Turn right to cross the dual carriageway to arrive on the west side of Newark Road. Turn left and go ahead. Turn 2nd right down St Catherine’s Grove. Follow this road around the left bend.

Question 2: What is the name of number 54?

Follow ahead still on St Catherine’s Grove to turn right after number 116 onto the river bank. Turn left and follow round until you reach the bridge. Turn right to cross the bridge and go straight ahead, you will shortly arrive at the cycle path. Follow straight on ignoring all turnings and at the end turn right into the Park and head towards the lake. Go right and around the head of the lake to cross a metal bridge by Boutham Park Beacon.

Question 3: What date was the Beacon lit? 

Turn immediately right over another bridge and immediately right again. Take the next right between the trees. Ignore the left turn and continue right to pass a graveyard on your left. At the T-junction turn left to emerge from the trees onto Hall Drive. Bear right to follow the City Centre sign and pass the Lincoln Indoor Bowls Club on your left. Go straight ahead and take the first right into Altham Terrace. Go straight ahead with the drain on your left to reach the cross paths. Follow in the same direction (signed Sincil Bank half a mile) to cross a bridge.

Question 4: What is the name of the sluice on your left? 

Keep on Altham Terrace to reach the High Street. Cross at the pedestrian crossing and turn left on the High Street. Turn right into Spencer Street and just before the road bends left turn right between the houses and go to cross Sincil Drain. Turn left and go ahead to pass Lincoln City football ground. Turn first right down Sausthorpe Street and follow to the end, turn right into Cross Street at the main gates of City’s ground.

Turn left and follow the footpath keeping the metal railings on your right at all times to pass the school.

Question 5: What is the name of the School?

At the end turn right keeping the school on your right go straight ahead to reach the main road. Use the crossing to cross and keeping in the same direction go between the houses to arrive back at your starting point.

This is the end of the route description for the 5km route



Enter the South Common at the Notice board (just off Centre) with the Viking Way sign on the City of Lincoln sign – opposite East Holme Nursing Home. Go ahead straight up the hill to reach steps at the top [jyst below the new Bomber Command Memorial Obelisk] turn right and take the path along the top of the South Common. Look to your right for views of the Cathedral and across the city to the two power stations, West Burton and Cottam on the Trent. The path eventually emerges onto Cross O’Cliff Hill, turn left up the hill.

Proceed uphill towards Bracebridge Heath, follow the Viking Way signs to cross the road at the refuge/bus stop and turn back the way you came to turn left into Coningsby Crescent and turn left into Waldo Road.

Question 1: What is the number on the first telegraph pole as you pass on Waldo Road?

Follow the Viking Way signs across the field ahead and at the signpost turn right heading down the hill. (*Alternative route available in the case of muddy access). Follow the track and after short distance bear left at footpath sign Viking Way onto a narrow path, follow this around the back of the NHS buildings. At the 3 way footpath sign turn left (the City of Lincoln is below on the right) and continue to metal kissing gate. Bear right on the track across the field over wooden duck boards to meet a path coming down the hill.. Turn right (downhill) and continue straight on to go through a gap in the hedge.  Turn left and with hedge on your ;eft go straight on to 3 way sign in the corner of field. Turn right * hedge on left.  (*Follow the track downhill and turn left over a bridge, continue downhill and at the footpath sign turn left and follow to the end to turn right down the edge of the field and pick up the track*). Approx. 100m from the bottom of the field the path goes to the right diagonally towards a wire compound around an Anglian Water building. Follow this and go down the track towards the main road. Brant Road. Cross the road very carefully and turn left. Turn right after approx. 75 metres at the electric station by the bus stop. Follow this footpath crossing through bollards and over two roads.

Question 2: As you cross the second road what is the number of the house on the right?

Keeping straight on to bollards/cycle path (you may follow this path to the end if you prefer), go through to a grass area and keep straight on through the trees, around the pond keeping it on your right. At the riverbank turn right and follow this keeping the ponds on your right and the river on your left until just before reaching the road - turn right on a short path to reach the cycle track and turn left to the road. Turn right and using the crossings to cross the roads turn left to cross the bridge and arrive at the Plough Inn. Go into the car park and leave by the gateway at the bottom right hand side onto the towpath, with the river on your right.

Follow this path keeping the river on your right for some time crossing Altham Terrace and footbridge over drain. To the right are the sluice gates used to control Lincoln’s flood defences and to the left an old folk's home which now occupies what was the first swimming pool in Lincoln. Boultham Baths outdoor pool. Ahead crossing next Dixon Street, then Boultham Avenue. The large works building to the left are one of the few remaining sites of Lincoln’s heavy industrial past. Formerly Ruston & Hornsby, heavy engineering works, responsible for the construction of diesel engines for locomotives. Now used by Wm Sinclair - Garden Products.

Question 3: Opposite Sinclair’s entrance who has the fishing rights as displayed on the white sign near the black railings

This area of Lincoln was the site of many other industrial works including Fosters the makers of the first tank named Tritton. On your right you will be able to see Vernon's Mill, which has now been converted into flats. The next area on the left is still occupied by Siemens formerly Alstom/EGT, the largest employer in Lincoln.

Next, cross over Firth Rd and look to your right to spot the refurbished stone barn At the next bridge, with Burger King on your left, cross the road and continue on the path with the river on your right at the next road cross via the Pedestrian crossing and turn right over the footbridge and left into Brayford Wharf East. To the left is the Old Great Central Railway Warehouse now The University Library. Over the level crossing and on ahead passing the University of Lincoln on your left and the Brayford Wharf. Ahead on the skyline can be seen the Castle and the Cathedral. Before the lnights keep left down to pass under the bridge signposted High Street follow the path to your right in front of M & S. Turn left into St Benedict's Square, with St Benedict's Church at the end on your left. Turn left into the High Street and take time to look at the War Memorial on your left. Go up the High Street towards the High Bridge   (2) but do not cross the river. [At the High Bridge - You can link with PT 92 Lincoln Tourist Walk at this point].

Question 4: What is the name of the café on your left?

The stone arch in front of you is called the Stonebow and is the home of the City Council. The adjacent Guildhall holds all the Civic regalia and is open to visitors on some Saturdays. It is worth a look at the HSBC Bank on the left hand corner take time to look inside if possible to view the magnificent ceiling. These are the coats of arms of all the Lincolnshire towns where the former Midland Bank had branches.

Continue straight on and cross the road unsing the pedestrian crossing at the traffic lights.   Cross the level crossing, continue ahead in the same direction to pass the Magistrates Court and the round house which used to house the operating gear for the railway gate when Lincoln had two high street crossings. Continue ahead passing a number of Lincoln’s older buildings, on the right Lincoln Co-op, then the Central Methodist Church 1905. On the left the Unitarian Church 1725, the 12th Century St. Mary’s Guildhall. The 1864 conduit by St Peter at Gowts was used as a water supply.

Question 5: What is the name and date of the Mayor shown on the conduit?

Cross over Scorer St. then turn left after the stone bridge into Sewells Walk. At the bottom cross footbridge and turn right. In front is Sincil Bank home of Lincoln City Football Club. Follow this road with the drain on your right until you emerge at South Park Ave. Cross over by the Pedestrian crossing turn left and follow the footpath leading over the bridge. From this point across South Park Ave. are the Fire and Ambulance Stations and another view of the football ground. Continue on this path which runs alongside the South Common keeping the houses on your left

Question 6: On the wall above Number 34 & 35, what is the name of the Terrace?

Continue in the same direction to return to the start.

This is the end of the route description for the 11km route



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