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PT 100

10km - Grade 1

START VENUE: Nottingham Railway Station
PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Train and tram at start and bus within 1km.
PARKING: Queensbridge Road Multi Storey Car Park, NG2 1NB. All day parking Monday-Friday 3; Saturday 2; Sunday 1 .  Located  between the Railway Station and Vat & Fiddle Pub. (Prices correct 1/12/16)
Urban areas, roads canal and riverside paths. There is one difficult flight of steps, other than that the route is suitable for pushchairs
There are nine geocaches on or very near the route plus two puzzle caches and one event cache.
Available at the start and on route
Available at the start and in cafes on route

Grade 1
1.00 per walker (Cheques payable to: Lincolnshire Vikings Walking Club)
Cloth Badge at 2.00
CONTACT: Anne Welburn, 10 Lime Grove Cherry Willingham, Lincoln. LN3 4BD. Email:

ROUTE DESCRIPTION UPDATED/CHECKED/NEW QUESTION: 1st December 2016 (Please check you are using the latest version if you printed this off a while ago)


Make your way out of the station by the Main Exit and turn left along Carrington St. Cross Carrington Street at the first set of traffic lights and follow right into Queen’s Bridge Road/Sheriffs Way (Queen’s on corner). Straight ahead to the Vat & Fiddle.

Q1 What is the name above the door before the Castle Rock Brewery Visitors Centre?

Go ahead and at the traffic lights cross Waterway Street West then Meadows Way and go ahead into Queens Walk.   Follow the tramway noting the carvings along the street. and just after Meadows Embankment tram stop, Turn Left towards the river and go through the gates onto Victoria Embankment, cross the road to the riverside & continue along the riverbank (the River Trent is one of the few rivers in England that flows NORTH) passing a suspension bridge (DO NOT CROSS THIS). Cross the road to the left-hand pavement the next question is at the memorial but can be seen if you walk through the gardens.

Q2. What are the regiment numbers on the plaque dedicated to the Sherwood Foresters inside the main gate? (Look through the gates to your right)

Go straight ahead keeping the river on your right to approach Trent Bridge, the Blue & Gold painted bridge, take the pavement up past the pub to the road. Turn right to cross the bridge making your way towards Nottinghamshire County Cricket Clubs floodlights at the far end of Trent Bridge. (Here you have the option of a very slight detour as the pavement bears right, turn left at the crossing to view two arches of a much earlier Trent Bridge, Weatherspoons on the opposite corner.) Turn right and go down towards the river & turn right under Trent Bridge. Continue ahead passing Nottingham Forest F.C. ground on your right. (This was the first English team to win, and then successfully defend the European Cup). Keeping the river on your left go over the canal bridge (this is the start/end of the Grantham Canal) then just before next bridge (Lady Bay Bridge) turn right and go up the steps to the road & turn left over the bridge.

Continue to the traffic lights. Turn left & continue ahead (ignore bend in road) to Notts. County FC ground (the oldest football club in the world).  Cross over to the pavement to walk past the club shop until you reach the statue:  Legends of the Lane.

Q3. On the statue Legends of the Lane. What is the name on the plaque of the most successful manager in Nott's County's history?

Just after the statue, bear right and pass the Trent Navigation Inn. When the road bends right ignore this & carry straight on down the steps to the left hand side of the stone bridge & descend to the canal towpath. Turn right along the towpath and continue ahead to bridge number 2, go up the steps on your right, to cross the bridge & exit onto London Rd. Turn right and just before the Premier Inn there is a viewing platform.

Q4. On the plaque, what railway is named? 

Continue to the large traffic island passing the BBC building on your right. Take the next crossing on your left (by Apex Court) to the island and cross again to the pavement, turn right to follow the A60 sign to Mansfield into Hollowstone.

Continue uphill and take the next left into Hollow Stone yes they are spelt differently. There are grills over the cave entrances but worth a look even with all the rubbish. At the top of the hill continue straight on into High Pavement passing St Mary’s Church 14th Century on your right. Go straight on to the Galleries of Justice Museum & Lace Hall (Cafe & Toilets available here).

Q5. What is the name of the prize won by this museum in 2003?   

Continue downhill and at the junction with “Weekday Cross” (stone obelisk) turn right and continue ahead as this becomes Fletcher Gate. At the top of the road turn left down Victoria Street, this becomes Poultry on your left and Cheapside on your right

 Continue ahead to reach the square and turn right to pass in front of the “Council House” (this building is depicted in the “trail” award)

Q6. How many pillars are above the facade? 

Go up King St. (directly opposite towards the statue of Brian Clough). Take the left fork into Queen Street go to end. Cross the road at the pedestrian lights towards The Hop Merchant Public House. Turn left then immediately right at pub to pass the front of the Royal Concert Hall. Cross over the road at the pedestrian lights & go straight down South Sherwood St. to the traffic lights at the bottom of the hill.

Turn left into Shakespeare St (Nottingham Trent University is on your left, it is an impressive building and most of the buildings on this part of the walk are part of the campus). Continue ahead and just after Boots Library turn sharp left into Goldsmith Street.

Q7. What University Building is on the opposite side of the road? 

Continue to the traffic lights, cross the road & continue straight ahead. Cross the roads again at the Pedestrian lights & carry straight on down Market Street to Market Square. Now the “Council House” is on your left across the square. Continue straight ahead down Wheeler Gate (between Starbucks & Costa) and at the road junction bear right down the pedestrianized area (Marks & Spencer’s is on the left) and then take the 1st right up Castle Gate towards the top of the road. Turn right at the Royal Children Public House into Saint Nicholas Street & then left again up the passageway around to the front of Ye Old Salutation Inn. (This is a 13th Century Ale House and was known as Archangel Gabriel Salute the Virgin Mary. Under the Inn is a cave system that was probably a Saxon Farm).

Q8. What is the date of the building? 

Cross the road at the pedestrian lights and continue ahead up Castle Gate passing the now closed Costume & Textile Museum on left. At end of Castle Gate pause! (The entrance to the castle is on the right if you wish to visit & the statue of Robin Hood just in front).

Turn left downhill passing Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem Inn on right and after passing (or better still paying a visit, well worth the modest entry fee!) the Brewhouse Museum set back on the right continue to the bottom of the road.

Q9. What is the date up on the Castle Works building on your right? 

Turn left to the traffic lights. Turn right across the road - Castle Boulevard and continue straight ahead along Wilford St.  Go over the canal bridge & turn right onto the towpath. At the bottom of the slope turn right again under bridge number 10 the one you have just walked over & continue along the towpath to pass the Magistrates Court on your right hand side.

Q10. What date did Queen Elizabeth 11 visit? 

Go ahead and up the slope to Carrington Street and back to the Station.

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