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Route Description updated 9 August 2016. Please check you are using the latest version if you printed this off a while ago.

** IMPORTANT** Use this new route description which has an amended route due to the permanent closure in January 2014 of the railway crossing by the Monks Abbey .

Start Venue and Directions

The route description starts at The Lawn, but can also be joined by walkers arriving in Lincoln by Train or Bus/Coach.

By Road. To find The Lawn, please follow the Brown Tourist Information Road signs for The Lawn in Lincoln Visitors Centre and Museum of Lincolnshire Life (admission is free). It is opposite the West Gate of the Castle. Or click here for a link to a map

Free parking is available alongside the Museum of Lincolnshire Life which is within 100 metres of The Lawn; or at the Old Racecourse Grandstand on the A57 within a mile of the A46/A57 junction. If parking at the Old Racecourse Grandstand, start the route at Carholme Golf Club Shop (1).

Rail/Bus/Coach. Start the route at the Central Market (2) which is within 200 metres of both.

Combine the Route: You can combine this walk with PT 166: Lincoln Town & Country Walk [11km route] at the “High Bridge” (3).

GEOCACHING: The route has eight geocaches on the route, plus eight in the area of West Common and two in the Arboretum.


This trail is registered until 31 December 2017. 

Route Description

Leave The Lawn and turn left past the West Gate of the Castle. Bear left onto Burton Road and continue along pavement, cross at Pedestrian Crossing and ahead to pass the Museum of Lincolnshire Life on your left. This is an excellent collection of rural Lincolnshire artefacts, engines and agricultural equipment and well worth a visit. Continue along Burton Road and at the Post Office Turn Left into Turner Street and then Left into Mill Road. Follow this along until you come to Ellis Mill (Windmill).

QUESTION 1: Who operates the mill?

Continue to end and Turn Right onto Upper Long Leys Road Continue down the hill and Turn Left to traffic lights/pedestrian crossing. Cross Yarborough Road at crossing and go straight ahead on Public Footpath down Aldermans Walk (tarmac path, sign at bottom of path). To your right is West Common, this used to be the racecourse and later you will be able to see the old grandstand to your right. Continue keeping the common on your right, path continues on grass verge adjacent to a tarmac road.

Path continues in same direction between the common and houses to reach the main road. Cross at traffic lights/pedestrian crossing and ahead on public footpath to the right of the Carholme Golf Club Shop (1).

Follow the path which bears away from the Golf Course to reach the canal. Turn left and continue at all time with the canal on your right. You are now on the National Cycle Network - Route 64. Note all the moorings on your right with a fair selection of barges, some of which are permanent residences. The tarmac path leads onto road but keep straight on (Foss Bank). Note the Halls of Residence on your right. Where the road bends left (Harvey Street) keep straight ahead along path (still with canal on right), to pass under road bridge.

QUESTION 2: What is the name of the Sea Cadets Training Ship? (building just after bridge)

Bear right along Brayford Pool, passing the Holiday Inn Hotel on the left. (The canal ends at Brayford Pool and you will follow the River Witham). Continue along the brick-paved area, noting the Water Feature to reach the Royal William IV Public House. Boat Trips run from here in the summer.

Go under the bridge and continue in the same direction with the River on your right towards the “Glory Hole” which is part of this mediaeval bridge, dating from around 1160. The Black & White building which is built over the River is the High Bridge Café. Go up the steps of the Glory Hole to emerge at the High Bridge (3) [You can link with PT 166 Lincoln: Town and Country Walk 11km route at this point]. Go ahead down Waterside South keeping the River on your left. Pass the Central Market (2) on your right and ahead. Turn Right onto footbridge to cross over the road. On leaving footbridge, cross River over “Thorn Bridge” and Turn Right along Waterside North and ahead with the River on your right. Pass a footbridge and lock gates on your right and continue ahead at all times with the River on your right until just before the railway bridge.  Turn Left into Lytton Street which becomes Napier Street and ahead to end.  Turn Right along Winn Street (not named until end, but you pass Cromwell, then Florence Street on left). When you reach the No Entry sign at the bottom of Tempest Street, enter the park through a small gate on your left.  Keep left and go Straight On with perimeter fence on your left and blue games enclosure fence on right.   At the information board Turn Right.

QUESTION 3: What centuries are mentioned for the later building?  (see plaque high up on wall of main abbey ruin)

Note the history statements on the path (they are reverse to the direction you are walking in).

Turn Left on path towards play area then left again with Bowling Green on your left and exit park at gates by telephone box. Turn Left and continue along Monks Road to the crossing by the school. Cross the road and then Turn Left. At the end of the school complex Turn Right through gate in railings into the Arboretum. (The gates to The Arboretum will be locked from 10pm to 7am, however we would not advise walking the route at this time - but if you are, after crossing the road Turn Right then Turn Left up Millman Road (just after the school) and at the top Turn Left into Sewell Road - Continue ahead to Lindum Terrace and ahead passing the Arboretum on your left - now back on route - marked * below).

Follow path and bear left, cross bridge and ahead up slight incline to reach the Lion. At Lion continue straight ahead and then take right-hand path passing metal shelter, following path as it curves right and then ahead, across bottom of steps, keeping to path again as it curves right uphill to fountain. Keep heading uphill on path, passing end of houses and follow path as it curves uphill to wall and exit through gateway. Turn left along Lindum Terrace. * Turn Right into Upper Lindum Street and at the end cross road at pedestrian crossing and turn left and continue downhill. Turn Right into Pottergate, noting the Stone Archway. Continue and Turn Left into Minster Yard and next Left (signposted Medieval Bishops Palace) into Greestone Place. (You will return later to the Cathedral for a look round). Continue downhill, stopping to look at the Tithe Barn on your right, this is where the people paid one-tenth of their wages to the church in medieval times.

QUESTION 4: What was the probable use of the Tithe Barn? (see middle information board)

Continue down Greestone Stairs. At bottom - Turn Right. Continue downhill on pavement and turn right through gateposts into Temple Gardens. Continue on path in front of Usher Gallery and ahead to the road. Opposite is the award winning museum known as the Collection. The Collection is open: 10am to 5pm seven days a week (Closed: Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day). Admission is free. The Collection includes a wealth of artefacts from the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages, Roman, Saxon, Viking and Medieval eras as well as fine, decorative and contemporary visual arts.

Continue downhill passing post box to Pedestrian Crossing. Cross road on crossing and Turn Right and then Left into Flaxengate. At end, cross again using crossing and Turn Left then Right into Free School Lane. Continue to pass the Drill Hall and Library to end, then Turn Right along Saltergate passing Waterside Shopping Centre on your left. In the vaults of the Royal Bank of Scotland (on your right) there is part of the City Walls; the area is occasionally open to the public on a Saturday. Follow on to reach the Stonebow and Guildhall (Archway). [You can link with PT 166 Lincoln Town and Country Walk at this point].

QUESTION 5: What does the Stonebow replace?  (see plaque)

Turn Right through the Stonebow and continue ahead up the High Street, crossing 2 roads. Just before the road forks, on the right is a Black & White building - now the St John’s Ambulance Headquarters called The Cardinals Hat, take the RIGHT fork which is a cobbled street, called STRAIT (street sign is high up on your left). Continue up the cobbled street passing the Jews House/Jews Court on left and on to cobbled street now called STEEP HILL.

At the 5-way junction continue straight on and upward to the top of Steep Hill - Congratulations. Turn Right at Tourist Information Centre (T.I.C) into Exchequergate, through archway to the Cathedral. Pass to the right hand side of the Cathedral following wall. Turn Right through doorway/gap in wall (if gate closed - continue along wall to end of Cathedral, crossing road - rejoin route at ** below), signed Edward King House, Church House and Medieval Bishops Old Palace. Go through passageway and down path to emerge opposite Bishops Palace. Turn Left and go through 2 arches then Turn Left to the Cathedral. Cross the road and Turn Right **. Bear left along end of Cathedral towards Priory Gate (3 archway). Turn Left just before Priory Gate and follow to the Statue of Tennyson.

Go up steps and cross road to view the North Tower of the Roman Eastgate ruins - the gateway was rebuilt in the 3rd Century. Turn left along Eastgate and immediately Right into East Bight. (If time allows do take a look at the Bishops House on the right - just after the East Bight turn). Walk along East Bight with the Bishops House wall on your left.

Follow the road round to the left and ahead to end. Take time to stop and look at the information boards on your right and see the Roman Defences, the City Wall and Interval Tower in the two back gardens.

At the end of East Bight look to your right to see the old Newport Arch and can you imagine how it ties in with the ruins you have just seen?

Turn Left to look at the Newport Arch information board

QUESTION 6: What was the original height of the Newport Cottage Wall? (see middle panel)

Continue Straight on along Bailgate to pass the Methodist Church on your left and the Duke William on your right.

Cross over and continue noting the two Roman Arches just after The Duke, the base of a Roman Portico discovered in 1878. Follow on passing the Assembly Rooms - note the stone sets in the road - these are the old Roman Arches. Opposite the Prince of Wales pub - take time to view the Forum of Roman Lincoln, the Roman Well, Herb Garden and the site of St Pauls in the Bail - all of which have been renovated in recent years and are overlooked by the Castle Walls. Continue as before, passing the Lion and Snake pub. Take time to explore old Lincoln with its range of shops - Elite Meat on your left stocks many items not seen in butchers today! Ahead, passing the White Hart and onto the cobbles of Castle Square. Turn right at the Tourist Information Office. Castle Square is edged by the Judges Lodgings, Pemberton House. (Public Toilets are available by the entrance to the car park).

Straight on into the Castle (entrance to the Castle is free from 1000-1700 most days with entrance fees payable for the various attractions.  When the Castle is closed please follow the alternative route marked **).  Once through the Castle entrance go straight forward to the Lincoln Crown Court building.  Turn Right on path in front of the building and follow the path round the building.  As you turn left look at the bronze relief map of the Castle (on your right).  Exit the Castle by the West Gate and cross the road.  You are now back at The Lawn and the information boards are on your left.

** Turn Left into Drury Lane.  Bear right to follow Drury Lane to end. Continue ahead and then Turn Right into Union Road. Follow back to The Lawn in Lincoln on your left**

Take time to look at the information boards with details of the history of The Lawn and the West Gate of the Castle. Pioneering local physician, the Reverend Doctor Willis, opened the doors to the magnificent Lawn building, largely financed through public subscription and which became the County's first built hospital of its kind. The spacious and handsome structure continued to serve until 1985, when it retired from life as a National Health Service facility and after 170 years it was closed.

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